Forehead Reduction (Hairline Lowering Surgery)

Forehead reduction, or hairline lowering, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can reduce the size of the forehead to bring the face into more ideal proportions. An excessively large forehead can throw off your sense of facial symmetry and harmony, and can also leave you looking older than you actually are. 

A forehead reduction is an excellent way to improve your overall sense of facial harmony by surgically reducing the size of the forehead. If you’re frustrated with your large forehead, and have adequate scalp laxity and hair density, you’re likely an excellent candidate for this procedure. Reach out and set up your consultation today!

How to reduce the size of my forehead?

Dr. Peter Vila Answering Your Forehead Reduction Questions

If you are thinking about forehead reduction in Portland, Dr. Vila explains what this procedure entails.

This video talks about:

  • Who is a candidate?
  • How does forehead reduction work?
  • Is hair transplant better than forehead reduction?
  • What will the scar look like?
  • How much can the hairline be lowered?

What Happens During Forehead Reduction?

Dr. Vila usually performs this procedure in the operating room under a light anesthetic. Prior to receiving any anesthetic, Dr. Vila will carefully mark out the incisions together with you, and will talk over the details of your surgery, including the amount of brow lift that is desired. 

The incisions are intentionally marked out in a curved, irregular fashion, as a straight-line appearance of the hairline can look unnatural. After numbing the scalp with local anesthetic, the surgery is performed. This usually takes about four hours in the operating room.

What Will My Recovery Process Be Like?

Your scalp will feel completely numb immediately after the procedure, and this can take several months to return to normal (the overwhelming majority of patients recover completely). The first day after your procedure, you’ll be sore, and we’ll make sure you’re given some prescription pain medication to help you stay comfortable during your recovery. 

A series of permanent stitches will be placed under the skin to keep your hairline in its new position, and skin stitches will be removed after about one week. Redness can persist for several weeks to months before fading into a thin white line, and many patients wear a headband or bandana for a few weeks, to help camouflage the scar. 

Once the skin is healed, make-up can be used to help further hide the scar for the first several weeks. Endotines, or dissolvable anchors used to maximize the result, can be felt under the scalp for the first three to four months, at which point they’ll dissolve. Dr. Vila will walk you through everything you can expect during your recovery period, and answer any questions you have during your preoperative consultations.

Your Path to Cosmetic Beauty

Here at The Vila Institute for Plastic surgery, we’re committed to bringing you in line with results that further enhance your existing good looks, creating a sense of facial symmetry and harmony that enables you to put your best face forward, every single day.

We’ll work closely with you to get to know your cosmetic goals and aesthetic aspirations, and we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that’s custom tailored to your specific needs. Beauty is never a one-size-fits-all situation, so we’ll make sure your entire plan — from procedure to recovery — is tailored to you and your unique needs. If you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, and you’re feeling like a forehead reduction might be the procedure for you, we want to hear from you! Reach out and set up your consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vila, and learn more about how this procedure can have you looking and feeling your absolute best, every single day.

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