Enjoy Impressive Non-Surgical Results

While our facelift is impressive for its ability to leave patients with life-changing results, not everybody wants to deal with the recovery period or downtime that tends to follow this type of procedure. If you’re looking for impressive results that won’t pull you out of your daily routine, Jeuveau might very well be the solution for you. If you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, reach out and set up your consultation. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vila is excited for you to learn more about how this non-surgical wrinkle treatment can help you look and feel your absolute best.

Is Jeuveau the Right Choice for Me?

During your consultation, Dr. Vila will talk you through your options, when it comes to eliminating some of the most frustrating early signs of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, and other facial issues don’t always require invasive surgery to correct, so Dr. Vila can help you decide whether or not a neuromodulator like Juveau is the best option for you and your goals.

If you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, you’re likely a great candidate for Jeuveau if you’re dealing with:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Laugh lines
  • “11” lines

How Exactly Does Jeuveau Work?

Our patients really love Jeuveau for its ability to correct mild to moderate signs of facial aging without really involving much downtime or recovery period. The procedure is quick, mostly painless, and only takes about a half hour to complete.

Over time, the repeated contraction of the muscles in your face can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin that sits just on top of them. Jeuveau blocks the nerve signals that cause those muscles to contract.

By essentially paralyzing specific facial muscles, Jeuveau can halt the development of future fine lines and wrinkles, and even remove some of the ones that might have already developed. All in the time it takes to enjoy your lunch break!

Ditch the Recovery Period

When you come in for your Jeuveau treatment, one of the nice things you’ll notice is that you won’t be prepped for any real recovery period or downtime. That’s because there isn’t any! You might experience some redness or a bit of tingling in the treatment area, but that’ll be the extent of it.

You’ll be able to return to your daily routine right away, without skipping a beat. Reach out and set up your consultation, to learn more about how Jeuveau can help you look younger and feel fresher, every single day!

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