Rhinophyma results in enlarged blood vessels, inflammation, chronic swelling, and an increase in the number of sebaceous glands in the skin of the nose. This is what leads to the reddened, thickened, and bulbous appearance of the nose. In addition to the aesthetic disfigurement, the enlargement of the nasal skin may eventually cause nasal obstruction, as the nose becomes weighted down.

Who is a Good Candidate for Rhinophyma Surgery?

Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment for rhinophyma – the only treatment to correct this condition is surgery.

If you feel that your nose is enlarged and affecting your self-confidence or quality of life, you might be a good candidate for surgery.

The best candidates are patients with moderate to severe rhinophyma. Dr. Vila feels that these patients are likely to have major, life-changing improvements after surgery.

What Will Happen During the Procedure?

Patients can have this procedure done as an outpatient under a light sedation. The procedure can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the severity. Dr. Vila uses multiple instruments and approaches to slowly and safely remove the irregular tissue and contour the nose. Afterwards, a moist bandage is applied to protect the skin. Though most patients will require just one treatment, occasionally two treatments are required.

What Will the Recovery Be Like?

All patients are able to go home after the procedure. You should follow the instructions that will be given to you for wound care. Once the dressing has been removed, wound care will generally entail keeping your nose clean and moist with ointment during the healing period.

You will notice the improved contour immediately after surgery, but swelling and redness will slowly improve over the next two to three weeks. The final results can be expected approximately two to three months after surgery in most patients.

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