Regain Confidence with a Neck Lift 

It’s fairly common for loose, sagging skin or frustrating deposits of stubborn extra fat to rob you of that elegant jawline and well-defined neck area. When diet and exercise just aren’t doing the trick, Dr. Vila is here for you with a neck lift procedure. This surgery can lift and tighten the neck and jawline area, giving you those distinguished lines and elegant curves, so you can absolutely love the way you look, every single day. Reach out and set up your consultation today, and learn more about what board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vila can do for you!

Is a Neck Lift the Right Procedure for Me?

No two patients are the same, both in terms of their physical characteristics, and their unique cosmetic goals. As such, Dr. Vila makes sure to meet with everyone who comes through his doors, and he’ll take care to sit down with you, learn about your aspirations, and help you figure out whether or not the neck lift is the right procedure for you.

If you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, you’re likely a perfect candidate for a neck lift with Dr. Vila if you’ve find yourself dealing with:

  • Sagging skin
  • Increased laxity
  • Drooping jawline
  • Hanging jowls
  • Double chin
  • Turkey wattle
  • Crease or bands
  • Wrinkles and lines

How Does the Neck Lift Procedure Work?

Since your neck lift procedure will be custom-designed to your specific needs and goals, there’s no way to tell exactly how long your procedure will take before your consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Vila will talk you through everything you need to know about your procedure, going through things like incision placement, procedure length, your recovery period, and more.

The procedure itself involves general anesthesia, and will likely take between two and four hours, depending on the extent of the treatment area. For the removal of excess fat, Dr. Vila will use a liposuction technique, carefully removing any deposits of stubborn fat cells. Extra tissue will be trimmed away, and the underlying muscles and tissues will be pulled to a tighter position.

Sutures will be used to carefully close the incisions, which will most likely be placed so that they won’t be noticeable at all to the casual observer. When you’re all done, you’ll rest in our recovery area for a short while, before being able to return home the very same day. We recommend having a friend to help you out, and we’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions, as well.

What’s My Recovery Going to Be Like?

The first thing you’ll notice after your neck lift procedure is some mild swelling and bruising in the area — this is completely normal, and follows just about any surgical procedure.

Dr. Vila’s advanced techniques allow him to employ less-invasive procedures, reducing the amount of discomfort you have to deal with after your procedure. Your neck will feel tight for a few days, and we generally recommend taking it easy for a week or two, avoiding strenuous activities. Your full results should take shape within a month of your procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates are healthy, non-smoking individuals who are not currently dealing with any medical concerns that might interfere with surgery or recovery. They have realistic, positive expectations for their outcomes that are based on their private consultation with Dr. Vila. 

In terms of age, there is no upper limit for undergoing a neck lift; overall health is the most important deciding factor rather than chronological age. Dr. Vila will conduct a thorough physical evaluation and review of your medical history in order to determine that a neck lift is the ideal choice for achieving your unique cosmetic goals.

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Can I Combine Procedures?

You absolutely can! This is an option Dr. Vila is always happy to explore, as there are numerous benefits. Not only can you enjoy improved results by combining procedures, but you also cut down on an extra recovery period, while also benefiting from what we like to describe as “complementary results.”

Here at The Vila Institute for Plastic surgery, our goal is the complete fulfillment of our patients’ cosmetic needs. If we think that combining more than one procedure is the best way to accomplish your goals, we’ll be sure to let you know. During your consultations, we’ll work together to design a roadmap to the results of your dreams.

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Restore Your Youthful Glow

If you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, and you think a neck lift sounds like the right procedure for you, we’re excited to hear from you! Nobody deserves to feel frustrated by the presence of wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, or that dreaded double chin. Dr. Vila is here and ready to help you tighten and tone, sculpt and shape, so you can enjoy the elegant, graceful neckline you know you deserve. Reach out and set up your consultation today!

Will I Have Scars?

While the neck lift procedure does leave behind some scarring, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vila prides himself in his ability to minimize their appearance, while also placing them such that they’re not easily visible to the casual observer. During your consultation, Dr. Vila will talk you through scar placement, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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