The Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

A revision rhinoplasty is performed when a previous rhinoplasty has left you with unsatisfactory results, and you’re interested in either fixing a cosmetic problem, or addressing a breathing issue. This is the most complex of all nasal procedures, and it’s typically performed by a facial plastic surgeon with extensive expertise in this type of complex surgery. The good news is that Dr. Peter Vila has extensive experience with facial plastic surgery, and is ready to create the elegant and naturalistic results of your dreams.

What Can Revision Rhinoplasty Do for Me?

Revision rhinoplasty is designed to correct issues that were caused by a previous, unsatisfactory rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Vila will meet with you personally to talk through your issues and go over your options, and he’ll help you decide whether or not this is the perfect procedure for you.

You’re likely a great candidate for revision rhinoplasty if you’re in Portland or the surrounding areas, and you’re looking to correct:

  • Breathing issues
  • Unsatisfactory shape
  • Asymmetry
  • Other functional problem
  • Overly large shape
  • Crooked shape

What Can I Expect During My Consultation?

Dr. Vila spends time with each of his patients, so he’ll meet with you to learn your goals and talk you through the entire process, going over every detail about the procedure and walking you through what to expect during the recovery period. In fact, thanks to digital photography and computer-assisted imaging, he can even show you an idea of what you can expect from your results, enabling you to have a clear set of expectations when it comes to your procedure.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Dr. Vila typically performs revision rhinoplasty through what’s known as an open approach, with incisions made just inside the nostril and in the columella, which is the skin between the nostrils. The soft tissue and skin of the nose are then carefully separated from the underlying cartilages and bone, which is then adjusted to create the desired results. The end goal is a harmonious and natural appearance, that either preserves or directly improves your breathing.

The procedure can last anywhere from three to five hours, depending on its complexity. Often, for a revision procedure, extra cartilage is needed to properly reconstruct the nose. This extra cartilage can be harvested from the patient’s own rib, through a small incision on the chest, adding at least an hour to the procedure. Once everything is complete, sutures are used to close the incisions, and tapes and a cast are applied to maintain the new shape of the nose.

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What’s My Recovery Period Like?

You’ll be able to go home the same day of your surgery, with an external cast that will stay on for one week. You’ll deal with some relatively mild discomfort after your surgery, and this will only last for a few days, and is well controlled with pain medication. Sometimes laughing or coughing can be uncomfortable for several days, as the rib heals in the chest. The sutures, cast, and splints will be removed about one week after your surgery, and most people are able to get back to school and work activities from home after about three days. Some swelling and bruising will be present around your nose and eyelids, but this has a tendency to fully resolve within seven to 10 days.

Swelling around your nose will fully resolve within 10 days, but a small amount may persist for up to three or four months, with improved definition of the nasal tip over time. For patients with multiple prior surgeries, the recovery process can sometimes take up to six months. Most patients, though, can return to normal activities after 10 days.

How Much Does a Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

Just as every home renovation is different, based on the size of the home, the materials needed, and how old the materials are, every nose job is different. Your treatment will depend on the extent of the revision needed, and Dr. Vila designs a surgical plan customized to each patient that addresses their specific needs. No surgery costs the same, because they are not the same surgery.

Revision surgeries are by definition more complicated, and thus require extra surgical time and maneuvers, which increases the cost. In most cases, Patients can expect to pay anywhere from $12,000 to $13,000, depending on the complexity of the surgical plan. We recommend reaching out to your insurance, to learn whether or not they’ll cover part of the cost (this is more likely when a revision is required for functional reasons).

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